Safety is a way of life for each and every team member at Taylor Kohrs. We take pride in being an industry leader with a stellar safety record over the past 35 years. This has enabled us to earn the respect of our peers as being among the safest general contractors in the industry. Our project teams are dedicated to safety and are regularly trained to address the risk dynamics present in today’s construction industry.

Taylor Kohrs’ comprehensive safety program begins with the commitment of our Executive Team to safeguard our employees, our customers, our subcontractors and the public. Our safety program, “Working Safely Today, To Build For Tomorrow” recognizes the commitment of all jobsite personnel to keeping each other safe and creating an injury free culture.

When you choose Taylor Kohrs for your project, you are making the responsible choice to partner with a company that has a proven track record and dedication to safety.  A key component to a successful construction experience is a safe job site.

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